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Trigger Master says,when I was a young boy I had a hand injury and went to hospital.  At hospital they took an Xray of my hand.  The doctor said, "see that's your hand." In shock and horror I looked at the Xray and said, "but my hand is a skeleton? I can't be a skeleton, I'm special."  The doctor said, "son we are all walking white skeletons with red blood." So there it is, for nearly three score now I have lived in denial- I so wanted to be special. Yet over 7 Billion people around the World are walking white skeletons with red blood.  I guess RACISM is really only skin deep?

New Zealand News


Something about the All Blacks not winning the 2019 World Cup.  So what the hell happen?  Some would say, why change a winning formula to a losing formula.  What not todo 2x years out from a World Cup.  Don't ever play team members out of position. Don't mix the team week in week out. Need consistancy. Don't blood new AB's 6x months out from a World Cup. Stick with truly tested players.  At least they will have cover defence down Pat.  The big one, don't let complacency creep in, its one of the 10x fatal errors.  Australia?  Well not having FOLAU there did cost them a chance to the Final. By far, the best rugby player in Australia for a decade or more. That's my view, as I never have an opinion.  Hate to say it, but 4x more years.  Keep those Hubris 1000 capsules away from Coach and team members. Good luck in 2023 in FRANCE. 

New Zealand Politics RIP

Go the NATIONALS in 2020.  If there was Half a TRUMP in the NZ Politics?  we will see.

Australian Politics  RIP  

Didn't the Liberal Party just win an election with all these promises?  Why aren't they out of the Paris Climate Scam? Didn't PM Morrision go to the USA and meet with Pres TRUMP?  So why hasn't he come back half a Trump/ Soooooo Disappointing. We Retro Cons haven/t given up on him just yet. Well were are all the Power Stations and Dams being built?  The Farmers? water Please.   Legend Mr Alan Jones is pumping out hard support for the Farmers, water, milk prices etc, but none of the Pooliticians or Fooliticians at  2600 Hubris Central Canberra, seem to be listening. 

Aint Buying it.  Climate Warming is really Socialist Warming.  See what we the little people, can't stop is anything to do with climate change. Look at the so called polluters of the World, Communist China and India.  All I want to say about those Pushing Climate Hoax are ALL HYPOCRITES.  Me too.

INNOCENT PEOPLE OF HONG KONG.  Retro Cons stand with you.