TRIGGER MASTER SAYS: Meet MAGA. a Blue Ringed Octupus from Australia. .Hi everyone I'm MAGA I like to tell stories. Write Parody too. Boy have I got a good one for you.  I identify as an adopted Retro Con yellow and blue ringed eight tentacles Octupus, please don't touch me, you might die.   I also write music like my latest song,  Impeachment 101 - Sedition Come Lately.

Story begins, after reading Sedition for Dummies, Comrade Schiff made a collect phone call to Master of the Universe, Mao XPING.

Beep, beep, this is a collect call Master, will you take it? 

M.O.T.U MX  (hmm, must  be shifty Schiff, maybe he has a quid pro joe for me again?) okay, okay. Is that you Schifty?

C.S. Hi Master, it is I, Comrade Schiff, I agree with your B.S remember.  

M.O.T.U. MX Good, good, we agree on same B.S. together.  Will  send you a Ship full of Hubris 1000 capsules, you must give to Republicans for free

C.S.  Sure Master, but they may catch on with our B.S..  

M.O.T.U  MX No, no, they never catch on with our B.S. you must disarm 20x nuclear missles too.

C.S But Master we agreed on 10x, so can you say we agree on same B.S.

M.O.T.U MX Okay, Schifty 10x, we agree on same B.S. he he.

C.S ( Hmm, the Hubris 1000 Capsules seem like B.S. to me).

M.O,T.U. MX Okay Schifty, thats it, give my regards to President PELOSI for me.(He, he, now I know that is his B.S.

he not know that igredient for Hubris 1000 is Fire brand fungus - shrink brain, or that our B.S. means Building Superpower. haha)

Beep, beep, beep, call ends.

Deep 6x recording operator, Whistleblower, quick get this recording to President TRUMP, 2024

Hi I'm MAGA, hope you like little story.  I write now many times, every week, hope you like my writings. 


President of the United States of America Donald J TRUMP


WARNING: TROJAN CIAFBI VIRUS ALERT last seen near HUBRIS CENTRAL aka Congress - Please inform Trump Administration per reference 18 US Code Chapter 115 Code S2384 Overthrow of Government  - Sedition.  .

WEBSITE CURRENTLY W.I.P. please be patient