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Is Communist China about to become a Christian Country>  Some of us live in hope.. Has Australia's Judeo Christian foundations been lost to multiculturalism and Neo Marxist Neo Libtarded fundamentalism?  tbc.


We at CRN say NO to same sex marriage.  Anything that undermines the family unit ie the biological male and female as mother and father within the family unit. In this case, the Whole is greater than the sum of all of its parts.


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If you follow the Australian and New Zealand Political Systems then get use to these two terms; Pooliticians and Fooliticians; meanings on contact page. .

COMING SOON:  New Zealands Cold Cases and suspicious deaths; 

Christians Military Command know as the CMC  News Release:

"To the loyal forces of the CMC a stand down order is given at this time. All members throughout the World who make up the Christians Military Forces are to stand down until the Neo Libtards can't control themselves.  CMC will continue with weekly updates depending on world events and may rescind the order."  CMC  via CRN news Webmaster.  Message to be sent via song On we March which is Christian Military Command marching song - buy itunes soon.

The song, A Celebration is the BEST Ever Christian  PTSD song. Song 5 from the Album Angel Warrior 20th On sale itunes amazon etc NOW .


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Saint Stephan of OCEANIA - Christian Messages posted here. TBC

Fictional Ebook " 70,000 hours." About a little bit of this and a little bit of that - then we'll go from there - it's taken us 15 years to get em. Out before xmas 2020. More ebooks from Tampered Morph fiction writer at

From AW 20th. Should Australia and New Zealand still be members of OPEC?  Could anyone explain which OPEC countries aren't locations for Jihadist? Its been 57 years since joining OPEC. Time to move on.  Australia and NZ have enough oil and gas to last over 100 years. So why hasn't the Government smartened up and done so? Where is Australia's Thorium Reactors? Seems there are a lot of fakesperts suffering imposter syndrome making the decisions? TBC


From Tampered Morph Fiction Writer;Royal Commissions into Australian Banks need to happen now due to the CBA allowing money laundering and terrorist monies. At least $75 million Aud laundered exact amount may never be known. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Australia is an illegal drug haven due to the corrupt officials and crime gangs. Just yesterday a middle eastern crime gang was brought undone.  A self proclaimed King of the X - Grubbs was indirectly implicated. Also known as the Game of Thugs, this character is identifiable as Johnny LITTLEFINGER. Same style, quite happy to hide their involvement and have everyone else do the dirty work. Mixes a little bit of this with a little bit of that and sells it discreetly out of the eyes of the honest Cops. Has been doing so for nearly three generations. KARMA'S A BITCH.  Now who is going to roll over??

We have zero tolerance towards anything that de-stabilisers the family unit. Selling illegal drugs for nearly three generations does that. To us an illegal Drug supplier/dealer is a PARASITE who lives off the MISERY of others. Cause and effect plays a large part in drug overdoses and deaths. We see these Parasites as serial killers and their allies as co=conspirators therefore they all should feel the full force of the law.