AUSTRALIAN POLITICSWhat the hell happen. Sold country out to the Paris BS. No half Trumps here, very SAD.  It seems all Politicians hold the 25,000,000 million People in CONTEMPT., Selling millions of dollars worth of coal etc to Communist China and India so they can build lots of power stations yet can't build one power station or dam in Australia Yep its the Worst type of CONTEMPT for their own People - Be Conservative not weak willed Toadies. =  See you at the Polls NOT.  Is it Comrade Shorten or Half a Trump? .

2019 the year of Dutton Derangement Syndrome.  Its here and its real. Seen it live on left hard Sky News Australia New Years Eve, running along the tailings at the bottom of the Television screen. DDS got to love it.  Keeping the lefthards on their toes. 

2019 the year of Morrison Derangement Syndrome. Well to May 2019 anyway.  Lefthards are going to get triggered, not always by the Trigger Master. PM Morrison needs to stop holding the People of Australia in CONTEMPT and build a Power Station. Dam or Two.

Trigger Master says; 2019 New South Wales State Election is on in March. Will Gladys hold on? Maybe not, A Conservative Party should not be sprinkling money around like it is Confetti.



Center Right News

Trigger Master says;

A Great speaker of the Truth once said, "To know is to understand."

Let it be known:

Case Study 1:  Contempt

New South Wales State Government 30 year EMBARGO on pensions since 1988 also known as Pre 88.  Estimated 1200 State Government employees still to receive this generous payout.  That is $100,000 plus for life.  Most of the Blue Machine hierarchy receive these payout's. Post 88 are left to rot.  It seems the State Government Gladys and the Blue Machine Commish hold their employees in CONTEMPT.  An Ass Commish says that they may implement a pension after 20 years just like the Army. This NIFI is comparing apples with oranges. Hello reality check - policing today is not policing of the 1980's.    Can't afford it they say. Look at the billions of dollars overspent on light rail through incompetence. Proceeds of Crime will pay for it.  A Part pension for Constables and Full pension for Senior Constables backdated to 1988.  Why should the Hierarchy get pensions for life and everyone else gets nothing.  Superannuation is not a Pension - it is at the whim of the ASX.  All wealth can be wiped out in seconds.

The Birds are Chirping Section - soon to be our wacky leaks section

Opinion only:   Royal Commission into Insurance Companies and Workers Compensation is needed in Australia.

Para militaries suffering PTSD and other stress related injuries are being treated like they are from a 3rd World Country. There maybe a conspiracy between Governments and those STAKE HOLDERS.  The PM's do not receive any pensions - imagine taking away Politicians pensions?.  So why don't PM's receive a pension after say 10yrs service, and/or 20 yrs etc. At the moment they don't receive anything except the scars on their memories.  Currently this shows POOR leadership across the board. It is a National dIsgrace and needs to change NOW. TBC.

Welcome to CRN - Center Right News. I am the Trigger Master - A PTSD DECORATED EX COP LEFT TO ROT.  ANGEL Warrior 20th.  I'm no saint, I might have been a sinner, now I'm an Angel Warriorand World Crime Reporter. This website is a test website for a larger one expected to BE on air  2019We post non MSM and non PC news. We paraphrase the news items into a more readable items in line with our Center Right News values.  We cover the GREY AREAS of the news.  We try and stay away from Politics and Religion but sometimes we just can't help ourselves.  Remember Not all news is good news. But we will let you know.

Does North Korea really want to be obliterated by America?.

AW 20th - This website uses the first three of the five layers of thought.

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Trigger Master says,

The Federal Government has got more SLY DOG legislation targeting kiddy touch'es and terrorist???  They already have this which is all general knowledge. The Internet ; If you have encryption or not, they can mirror your computer through your ISP. Survey your premises to measure distances - wifi too.  Lots of other more sensitive stuff we will not mention here. Mobile Phones Encrypted or not they are receivers like Smart TV's. Sit at a Cafe with your phone on. Say some outlandish things and see if someone sitting nearby gets triggered. {Trigger Master}. Lots of more sensitive stuff we will not mention here. Seriously though, if you are being a shonk you deserve to be caught, however, if not like most of us, keep Triggering on.  

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Stage 2 The Lone Wanderer

New South Wale state election is in March 2019.  Lookout for the Lone Wanderer outside State Parliament having his  own silent Vigil. He will be dressed in a Yellow Vest and wearing a t-shirt with the words PTSD Ex Cops left to Rot.  Beginning late January 2019 TBC. 

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