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Who are the sleepers within the New South Wales Blue Machine?

So, there are Eastern European Shenanigans, Middle Eastern Shenanigans, Italian Shenanigans, even Kiwi Shenanigans some would even say Masonic Lodges too? not sure about the last one.

Whatever happen to JOINT TASK FORCE POLARIS.  It is needed now more that ever? Whispers were that it was compromised by sleepers. The LLCE has so many questions, so little time.     We here at CRN are looking forward to the Chief Commissioners 5x year extension.  Gladys, if you can blow $1000,000,000 on the Light Rail, you can give the LECC another $50,000,000. Oh, by the by, how about looking after the PTSD ex COPS left to ROT.  Ending the 30 year EMBARGO on Pensions?

DISCLAIMER, some of the above info is from the Triage Short Stories,

A FISTFUL OF KARMA, AND HONEST BLUE, both in production by fiction writer, Tampered MORPH, who writes where Realism gets smashed by Fiction and Fantasy. 

CONGRADULATIONS CARDINAL PELL-  Those who were involved in his PERSECUTION - bow your heads in shame

Hi I am Benjamin Sources - Benjamin as in, "Its all about the Benjamins $$$," and Sources as in Main Con Media so most people call me B.S. for short.  (Subtle hint).  Of course it is an alias- for now.

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When someone makes a statement even if it is a statement of fact, it's then re-interpreted by opposing partisan hacks , by purposely redoing the context to suit the partisan hacks agenda and thrown onto the socialist news compost heap. Via the Google Socialist Highway and into the Socialist News Outposts (more about them later), Classic example of this is by Comrade SCHIFF the head of something Committee in Congress (talk about hubris 1000), where he made a PARODY of what the President of the USA said and made it out as the Truth?  So if you are studying Journalism in Australia or anywhere else forget it. That Career is dead - Partisan hacks are in everything, i,e politics are in all workplaces, all sports, and especially at 2600 Hubris Central Canberra.  by Benjamin Sources  B.S. for short;






TRIGGER MASTER SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. This website is currently Work In Progress.  This site will be live in 2020.  TBC. You want REAL Conservative News Website in the U.S.A. then look here



Some would say, "you can only reach your OWN level of incompetence, it seems every Australian and New Zealand Politician has exceeded THEIR own levels of incompetence with the handling of the  CCP19 virus. Shame on them.  Some fail me ups especially in New South Wales say the Martial LAW aka LOCKDOWN will last another 3 to 6 months. Disgraceful scaremongering.  

Why hasn't any of the MAIN CON MEDIA been honest about their reporting of this virus?  Don't mention the word CHINA in their reporting? All you hear about is not the FULL reality.  Here's a thought to all Australia and New Zealand T.V stations. Select a Channel and up on the right hand corner, have a box which includes Australia and or New Zealand Population, then the numbers infected, then those recovered, then those who have past away. The box should show live and changing tallys, not this bs pushed out their for ratings. Lets see if any T.V station will adapt this approach as it adds Perspective and less scaremongering.  by Benjamin Sources B.S for short.    

SCAREMONGERS OF THE APOCALYPSE   Australian Population 25.000.000+

Calm Down Australia -                                    CCP19   CASES 5.000 +

     PUT IT ALL IN PERSPECTIVE           CCP19   Deaths  45+      07/04/20

                                                                           Percentage of Population 0.0000005-

What is happening in Australia with more people dying from normal flu, suicides and car accidents. Yet the Scaremongers of the Apocalypse keep the hysteria on fool steam ahead.  A reckoning is coming to the failed Pooliticians and failed Main Con Media for their recklessness, their lies and their scaremongering. Blabba Schomo, Blabba Albo, Blabba Gladda, Blabba Micky Fullait, el at, WOW, total dishonestly failing the Australian Public.   #backtoworkauzz #backtoworknz  by Benjamin Sources B.S for short.