TRIGGER MASTER SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. This website is currently Work In Progress.  This site maybe live in early  2021.  TBC. You want REAL Conservative News Website in the U.S.A. then look here



 W.I.P.   Hi RETRO CONSERVATIVES: Coming soon is our CARTOON Section. .As a VISIONIST our 1st Cartoon will be Blabba Schomo de Nifi and Blabba Josh de Nifi on the Bow of the SS Hubris Canberra as it sinks into Lake Burley Griffin, Blabba Schomo can be heard yelling, "Were all in this together Comrades." ( subjectively as the Liberal Party sinks into the Abyss - as a Conservative Party its finished).   by ANGEL WARRIOR 20th.

The image is our Retro Conservative Australia Blue Lives Matter Flag/badge which is worn on our Full Contact Karate Uniforms. As you may know, we are retired Para Militaries. check out We will be teaching our womens self defence as part of our Anti Domestic Violence initiative, as well as running Full Contact Karate Classes for PTSD sufferers as part of our VISIONIST approach to Martial Arts. We will also be lecturing in Western Civilization and the Scientific Method. by triggermasterr. Note: If you are in the Blue Machine anywhere in Australia and you don't abide by the CYCLE of A.I.D. you should resign now.  


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Magna Carta - Habeas Corpus - Common Law - Free Speech - Free Assembly.

Heres the Rub Point 1: Policing in a Liberal Democratic Society - must include the CYCLE OF A.I.D.These 3x pillars are paramount.

Accountability - Integrity - Discretion, When one or more of these 3x pillars are missing or misused, then you are no longer Policing in a 1st World Country however, you are now just another 3rd World Paramilitary.  Anyone in Australia Suffering from Comey Syndrome, need to read the above and have a reality check.  by triggerrmasterr.   

HERES THE RUB: Point 2: I.M.P.R.E.S.S. Model of CRIME ANALYSIS - To IMPRESS upon the community that Police are there to SUPPORT them, not  SUBJUCATE Them.

I  - Identify a Crime problem;

Mm -  Monitor/measure a Crime problem over a short time, hour and day, week or month.

P   - Plan of action if a Crime problem identified - - - subject to change;

Re -  Reduce/eliminate the Crime problem - - - open to change;

Ee -  Evaluate Crime problem  or exit analysis at this stage;

Ss  -  Summarise results and or state conclusions;

Sm -  Success of Crime reduction, measured over time - - - any relapse?  by trigger masterr.

NOTE:  Every STATE CORONER needs to investigate EVERY C Virus Death - Did they die from the C VIRUS or with the C VIRUS - massive difference. by trigger masterr. 

AUSTRALIANS sports people taken the Knee for Blood Lies and Myths.

Wallabies and All Blacks games - talk about taking the knee? Go ahead, it will be R.I.P. rugby. by trigger masterr. 



CRN LORD SKEPTIC says,  Politics in America.   Simple choice - Patriotism versus Marxism

Our crystal ball moments, President TRUMP wins another Term on legitimate votes and China Joe wins on Ballot Harvesting.  Whilst the ballots are being counted, Comrade Red Pelosi is in charge, the rest is unrecoverable History, however, Judge Barrett may throw a spanner in the works.  Or Trump wins in a landslide as the Great U.S.A. isn't ready for Marxism yet - may never be.  Interesting times ahead for us downunder.     

Hi I'm MAGA A blue ringed Octopus. please don't touch me, you might die.  Please see my writings on the back page.  Coming soon, our intercepted phone call between Blabba Saint Schomo de Warb and Blabba Josh de Booee also their book Economics 101 For Dummies, How to destroy the Australian Economy on a Whim. .  (a book never completed).

POLITICAL REMINDERS:  Back in 1975 the Prime Minister was Dismissed by the Governor General - Since then, the GG wasn't needed, Pollies would just shaft each other out even if they were the sitting PM.  All removed on pretence. what they would have done,or could have done to the Country, that would be adverse to or not in the National Interest?   Now lets use the criminal test of " What a reasonable person do under the circumstances," Was it reasonable for PM Blabba Schomo to do what he did? which through cause and effect destroyed the Australian Economy and way of life where the Suicide rate is way higher than the C Virus, Blabba Gladys, what she has done too, through cause and affect on the NSW economy, the sport stadiums, light rail lemon, el at SHE's really done more to resign than a Premier over a bottle of WINE, some could say she's had 5x bottles of wine, lucky they are all empty  -  Blabba Danny de Dweeb what he has done down south, were they acting under what a reasonable person would do? you decide. by Benjamin Sources B.S. for short.


From CRN LORD Skeptic:     A FAIR GO AUSTRALIA without Experts, Fakesperts and Nifisperts.

A FAIR GO AUSTRALIA -  So where is it?  Coming upto 10 months of lockdowns by Socialist State and Federal Governments. Nearly 1000 deaths from  Commielands CCP 19 Virus, out of 25x Million people, NO PERSPECTIVE.  Australia is out of Recession says some Nifisperts.  Remember we have Experts, Fakesperts and Nifisperts (No Fracken Idea). Talk about throwing around Smoke and Mirror grenades, now they have gone Nuclear.  So, will Queensland hold on 31st Oct.  Nifisperts say yes?  Hmm. How come?  is there a Political Protection Racket going on, ie, you don't go hard on us and we won't go hard on you?  You decide.  Meanwhile  down South in Victoria, some lucky S.O.B. got 30x Million dollars for 3x months security work? Wow, that's 2.5 million a week?  Again wow,  yet no shenanigans going on there, cough, cough and we would know. Federal Police Investigation now please, it is a real Tick Tock moment. Hopefully Peta will have something to say about this on Sunday night.           


Australia and New Zealand Politics are full ofVerbal Kent moments. "Believe everything a Politician says, until they Speak."  Most do bend the truth to suit their Political agenda's. Yes we know they do. however, alot of reporters also are having their Verbal Kent Moments, depending if they see a glass have empty or half full. You see this everyday in Australia, look recently at the Dansaster down South, how this lockdown is allowed to continue is beyond comprehension. The W.H.O, said this week that Lockdown's don't work. So if one is listening to the medical science as they should, then they should end lockdowns. However, down south Dansaster is having his own usual suspects, VERBAL KENT continuous moments.  By Benjamin Sources.