NEW SOUTH WALES STATE ELECTION 33* Around 23rd March 2023. Already The Liberal33* Party are conning the public with their Check on anyone (in case they have a record of Domestic abuse) This Ruse by the Liberals33* is another attack on every Australians Privacy. This bill if it succeeds will be abused and used against the whole of Society. Another Corpo Gov Ruse to Control everybody. be aware the Corpo Gov and their Stooges ain't our or YOUR friend/s.  email, write to your local state member and tell them that this ain't on. Go protest as part of our/your Anti Incitement against the Corpo Gov. Reminder,within Australia and the Rest of the World, the OCCULT runs everything.

Trigger Mastterr says,   Ron Perlman an alleged what ???? Luciferian Test ---- Surely not-----See more on our UNSNITCHED page. 

What the hell  is the Liberty Party of Australia? Maybe a Retro Conservative party or not. TBC.


            Alice  and Wonderland Psyop's, hmm.


1973 Australian Prime Minister Whtilam et al, changed the Australian Constitution without a Referundum - From that date, everything done within Poltics has been by the Rogue Corporation Government. Thats right, this ruse has been occuring via all Political parties just to name a few since 1973, meaning 2023 is their 50x year Celebration. ALL belong to the 33* CLUB.  Fraud since 1973, everyone knows, like the Covid ruse, the 33 across the 7x Tiers of Society can't hide this anymore. The 3x R's apply to them all, ie Resign, Repent,Run, run to the Stockades and barricade yourself in as the VAXED will want to speak with steveQmodius. REAL MILITARY TRIBUNALS COMING SOON.    

JANUARY 2023 - How to wake up the sheep and/or just pissing off APATHY. Heaps of vids Pdfs website that can help with that. So here;s some reading you make wakeup to. To know is to Understand. Not in any order, order will be temp and added below.

Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike 1871, The Occult Philosphy.Mind Control and People Control Vid by Michael A Hoffman, Mere Christianity by C.J.Lewis. Frauding of Elections by Amy McGrath, Prophet of Evil by William Ramsey, Numbers their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues by W.Wynn Westcott, Problem Reaction Solution vids by Mark Passio (Helegian Dialectic), The Political Theory of the American Founding, Anastasia Seder 9x Series, The Book of War Liber Al Legis, Behold a Pale Horse William Cooper, Brave New World, Odius Huxley, Subliminal Seduction Keyer 1973, Return of the God Hypothesis by Stephen Meyer, Escaping from Eden Paul Wallis. Art of War Sun Tsu,  Predictive Programming, vids books etc, Neuro Iinguistic Programming, vids books, Ancient Babylon Occults, Bible 1st testament,  Noahide Laws, 24x Protocals of Zion, (we are upto number 24x supposedly). Any books vids on Mass Psychosis. Law of War Manual USA 2016 updated. Verbal Judo, book and vids?  Germ theory versus Terrian theory, Dr Bailey et al on Odysee vid platform. Stay off Main Stream Medica becasue they all have the 33* at the  end of their name/s business company etc. The above books vids isn't a must do and or comprehesive list of everything to read, its a Starting point, more prespective below. 

What worked for me was I may have studied, using Who, what, where, when, how and why, using critical thinkiing and emperical evidence gathering etc. I looked at Mass Psychosis, Germ theory versus Terrain theory, Occult history of Babylon, Occult Symbolism, Predicitive Programming, NLP, Biomechanics, Physics, looking thru old and new movies tv shows etc showing Occult symbols, (yes they are their), TBC    

 Don/t forget to exercise, stay away from processed foods, no sugar, no tap water, no jabs of any kind. hint (read above books vids in almost the same order if you wish). within a month of doing so your whole outlook on the Covid hoax and the NWO Lucifierian Ruse should really piss you off. Get with like minded people, more of us out their then you think, Don't consent to anything the Corpo Gov 33* try and push on you. We trusted our 7x Tiers of Society once, Once was to many. They will try and screw us over again in 2023 forever.  Say no, no consent to any of if. TBC by steveQmodius.     



THIS IS THE WORLDS FIRSTRETRO CONSERVATIVE Center Right based in Sydney Australia In early 2023 we maybe a full time Website fighting daily against the Corporation Governance Truth Liars. Australia has been under Corporation Governance since 1973. Prime Minister WHITLAM et al was a very naughty boy. No referendum to change the Constitution from the Queen of the UK into the Queen of Australia.  A Freedom of info request was made to show the Queen of Australia. The reply was, there isn't one. TREASON it is. 50yrs plus        JANUARY 2023 New Zealands Prime Minister ARDERN 33 has resigned and officially on 7th February 2023. Replaced by dweeb manlet, Image below - Mr Chris  HIPKINS.  33* His biometic ID only tells us so much, however, add his statements over the past 3x Years and no one with 2x IQ points would ever vote for Labour33 nor Nationals33 again. We  at CRN identifiy the Occult members who are in Charge across the 7x Tiers of Society. We place a 33* after their name, title etc. For the unwaken to awake. The 33* of the Occult, Freemasons.  Each and everyone within the 7x Tiers of each Society are members of the 33* Where Lucifer is their God. This is what we Angel Warriors who wear the Armor of the One True God are up against. We estimate about 2.4 Million are under 33* spells in Australia and atleast 1.5 million are under the 33* in New Zealand so we are up against it. Yet our fight back has just began. by Angelwarrior20th 

What is the difference between the 2x above images.  Nothing as they both represent the Masonic Luciferianism. The left blue and white checkers is worn throughout Australia by all Corpo Militia. It is the insignia of the Freemasons whos God is Lucifier.  If you are a JC1 meaning Jesus Christ and the 1x True God, then you need to rethink - why wear the insignia of Satan. Time to wake up, inform your Union delegate and state you do not want to wear that insignia. (Hmm, see how that goes). It's has never been a secret, nor the 33*.  So what are you going to do? We wait, we watch, we listen, by angelwarrior20th.        .

Australia 2022 Menticide Derangement Syndrome, across the 7x tiers of Australian Society. So many Masonic Filth stooges, so little time. SteveQmodius, Patriot Agent #1 SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. We are a anti incitement website, some parody too, I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. We are retired full Contact Fighters and Parra Militaries, our Patron Saint is Saint Michael, We are Patriot Agents. Our Systems are Rubics Cubic Analytical Systems RCAS and Sefs Assisted Targeting Systems. Hobbies now, Forensic Crime Analyst, all Crimes. We ARE READY TO MOVE TO  PRIVATE SERVERS.

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