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Welcome to CRN - Center Right News. I am the Trigger Master - A PTSD DECORATED EX COP LEFT TO ROT. ANGEL Warrior 20thI'm no saint, I might have been a sinner, now I'm an Angel Warriorand World Crime Reporter. This website is a test website for a larger one expected to BE on air  2019We post non MSM and non PC news. We paraphrase the news items into a more readable items in line with our Center Right News values.  We cover the GREY AREAS of the news.  We try and stay away from Politics and Religion but sometimes we just can't help ourselves.  Remember Not all news is good news. But we will let you know.

aw20th say's -  New Zealand.

R.I.P those 50x innocents killed by an Alt Nutjob Madness is only skin deep, as the Alt Nutjob fades to  dust, those 50x innocents will be remembered and honored through the AGE'S.   Let Justice be served.  

Tampered Morph say's - Politic opinionist - How can you tell ?

1. Look to be Honest

2. The Truth is

3.  At the end of the Day

4.  The bottom line is -  If true. 

So watching a TV show or listening to a radio station, you should hear these words being said during a political commentary.  Stating the obvious.  NFCYD

AW20TH say's  BEWARE:   Socialist P.I.M.P's aka Professor Mantra's working within Australia to enslave the population.  Imagine being told to hand in your IPHONE, your house, flash car, bank account totals to the Government.  Could you really do without the internet. Your own identity is OWNED by the State.  Good luck with that. Us Retro Conservatives, progressives know that Humanity will only continue through Capitalism giving YOU a chance to be Someone, you keep your own Identity, IPHONE house bank accounts. Socialism is Persons, Imposing, Mass, Persuasion. Read Above YOUR I.Q.  It's all there. So be Enslaved or Not - NFCYD  not the State.    

Center Right News


Tampered Morph say's, Australian General Election 2019

"Is it over yet"?   Gee, no more debates between leaders or candidates please.  The two leaders went head to head, one say's what he know's, one makes it up as he goes.  All whilst under the direction of the Interjecting opinionist. Debate held in Queensland, yet no mention of ADANI, good or bad.  Hmm. NFCYD.  

Tampered Morph say's Sri Lanka -  Our heart felt prayers go out to the victims of the mass killings whilst praying at Christian Churches .  Those demonic's responsible are already facing the Creator.  

Australia's General Election  18 May 2019

Who will win?   The Socialist under Billy Bob or the Conservatives.  Will it be a hung Parliament? Will socialist GUTTER UP effect pay off?    

Retro Conservatives Prediction -  Socialist under Billy Bob lose 20 seats. Reminder - Socialism KILLS.(NFCYD)  

Tampered Morph say's - Bring Back Operation POLARIS.

Joint operation within State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies- tackling illegal drug importations at Australian Ports of entry among other things. It R.I.P in 2016 or there about's. The recent Australian Federal Police report/s acknowledging sleeper crime gang members within those agencies, has done nothing to thwart those Mafia's quest for Avarice.  (They are Mafia's).  We know that illegal drug crime is out of control in Australia.  These blood money junkie's thrive on total corruption, soul less demonic's, always will be. The obvious answer is to bring back Operation POLARIS. More about this from theTRIGGER MASTERsoon.    It wasn't perfect but did more good than bad.  Also better than nothing.    NFCYD  

Trigger Master says;  What the heck is aBLOOD MONEY JUNKIES?

Parasites who live off the Misery of Others.  Anyone involved in the illegal drug's trade.  Including the Government officials paid off to look the other way.  All these people have Blood Money Rushing through their Veins.  They are all soulless Demonic's.