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Hi I'm MAGA A blue ringed Octopus. please don't touch me, you might die.  Please see my writings on the back page.  Coming soon, our intercepted phone call between Blabba Saint Schomo de Warb and Blabba Josh de Booee also their book Economics 101 For Dummies, How to destroy the Australian Economy on a Whim. .  (a book never completed).

NOTE:BOOK: How to sell Australian Iron Ore to Advance CCP War Machine by Neville TWIGGY Chamberlain- A book never completed DUE TO WW3 - CCP Versus everyone else.

TARGET GROUPS  of the CONVIRUS 2020 by Trigger Masterr

What is a Target Group - we ain't telling you how to SUCK EGGS so we won't answer that. So using this Analogy: An analogy is a comparison in which an idea or a thing is compared to another thing that is quite different from it. It aims at explaining that idea or thing by comparing it to something that is familiar. Metaphors and similes are tools used to draw an analogy.

When firing a pistol down the firing range, your target group of the human body is the Trunk as is the largest body mass. Easier to hit. So lets say the trunk is the target group of the CONVIRUS 2020.  We identify well before any Government MARTIAL LAW  lockdowns that the Target group is the over 65 with pre-conditions. We work out that they need to be protected, we do so by isolating them, we attack the trunk ie target group and leave the fit arms, legs and head alone, ie not the whole population of fit and heatlhy under 65's.   Then you do not CRY WOLF on a whim and lockdown your Economy - especially if you were a Treasurer, thats a massive FAIL  in Economics 101, DONT LOCK DOWN YOUR ECONOMY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - Then expect to come out as the SAVIOUR - Saint Schomo needs towake up. Can't have it both ways and these Politicians will not.


CORONAVIRUS CASES IN AUSTRALIA:6,900 Early May 2020.   By Benjamin Sources B.S. for Short.
PERSPECTIVE:   Australian Population 25,000,000 plus.
PERSPECTIVE:   Virus Target Group :   Males and females 65 years and over, some with pre-conditions.
New South Wales: 3,047
Victoria: 1,454
Queensland: 1,045
Western Australia: 552
South Australia: 439
Tasmania: 226
Australian Capital Territory: 107
Northern Territory: 29


Past Away: 97
ESTIMATED: Cost to the Australian Taxpayer  $1000,000,000 and counting
ESTIMATED: 1.5,0000,000 UNEMPLOYED and counting.
ESTIMATED:  Cost of lost of life THROUGH SUICIDE due to Governments, both State and FEDERAL, Economic lockdowns, 1500x plus suicides over the next year and counting.
Predicted Political Fallout - Eden-Manaro, bye bye Election, Labor should HOLD, per, protest VOTE.  Can't Reward Blabba Schomo, Blabba Gladys and the Liberal Party for the Current Destruction of  THE AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY and WAY OF LIFE.   Estimated50x years or more to pay back debt?
Predicted upcoming State Election Results, Labour to hold, Victoria and Queensland as they ARE Socialist States - unless the voters there have an awakening,while Liberals to lose New South Wales in a Landslide- Can't Reward Blabba Gladys for the Destruction of the New South Wales Economy and Way of Life. el at.
Predicted upcoming Federal Election results:  Liberals under Blabba Saint Schomo (not too sure he will still be there) to lose General Election to Labor in a landslide.   Remember, it wasn't the Virus that closed the Australian Economy Down, ( looking at the Target Group there was NO RATIONAL REASON to close it down - DID someone CRY WOLF?). Country then went into massive debt and unemployment, worst since 1930's Depression according to some fakesperts. It was Blabba Saint Schomo De Warb and Blabba Josh De Booee,  (Subtle warning here),Blabba Saint Schomo an ex Treasurer of all people, now has failed Economics 101. bigly. He will continue pretending to be Australia's Saviour - yes, his HUBRIS is that High, Yet HE caused all of this, sorry but you can fool some of us some of the time, but not all of us, all of the time. If Blabba Saint Schomo isn't replaced as Liberal Leader before September 2020, God help us All, (BRING BACK ABBOTT?) watch this space. P,.S Believe everything a Politician say's until they speak. NOTE: We are being far to nice to the Australian Politicians for the moment.

Hi I am Benjamin Sources - Benjamin as in, "Its all about the Benjamins $$$," and Sources as in Main Con Media so most people call me B.S. for short.  (Subtle hint).  Of course it is an alias- for now.

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SCAREMONGERS OF THE CONVIRUS  Australian Population 25.000.000+

CRY WOLF. Who cried WOLF first,  Australia or New Zealand - Both Countries have Socialist Prime Ministers.                   CONVIRUS      CCP19/20/21   CASES 6.000 +

 PUT IT ALL IN PERSPECTIVE   CONVIRUS  CCP19/20/21   Deaths  97+    2020

Checks and balances are needed now to stop future State and Federal Governments going ROGUE and Locking Down their Citizens for No Rational Reason.  Morrison and Gladys Governments will go down in infamy for what they have down to the Australian Economy and Way of Life. Cry Wolf on a Whim - Economics 101 - Never shut down your economy. Retro Conservatives will remember this stain on Australian Politics, remember, Believe everything a Politician says until they speak. They use L.I.P.Service. ie Lie, Intimidate, Persuade, always. That's all Politicians from All Parties.  by Benjamin Sources. B.S. for short.

NSW Police Commissioner Micky FULLA IT. Receives huge pay rise at start of CONVIRUS 2020? He's worth every cent? 5x reasons why? or Not,  According to the Socialist Morning Herald his pay went up 15 percent, other public servants stuck at 2.5 percent? Doesn't pass Smell Test - Probity Checks anyone? 

1. Great Job with the PTSD PTBO Ex Cops Left to Rot - They are still left to Rot.  High bar for Medical Discharge is reached, then Out of Blue Machine, Ex Cops then seek Compensation for scars on their memories, mysteriously, the bar has suddenly been raised? and No Compensation for them. Doesn't pass the smell test.  Probity checks anyone?  C.I.N.O.s by the Trigger Masterr.

2. Being on top of the Blood Money Junkies in the Blue Machine, especially within Your Management Team. Mafiaism is really under control in NSW - or not. Probity Checks anyone?

3 Looking after the Pre 88 Hierarchy with great Pension plan,the other 15,200 members Post 88 left to Rot.

4. Overseeing 2020 NSW Police and enforcement of the Most Draconian laws in relation to Social Distancing, stay at home. No Rational Reason for such laws let alone enforcement of them - Not since Penal Colony times.  Wheres the Mental Health Advocates and Civil Libertarians - Class action/s?

5. If you are suppose to represent your community but don't know what a target area is and in this case the target area being ie 65 years and over, and target the WHOLE COMMUNITY by enforcement of those laws then you would have to be ------- readers can fill in the gap. Target Groups/ Areas read below.