PATRIOT AGENTS: Yes we are - here forever.    CIA AND FBI AND ASIO AND FEDS HAVE AGENTS SO WE TOO HAVE THEM.  What is a Patriot Agent. People who believe in We the People.Can be in any Western Civilised Countries. Not the Commie, Dictorial Countries.  Yes I maybe retired and my hobbies are being a F.C.A. and P.A. ie Forensic Crime Analysis - Investigate all Crimes especially Poltical Crimes in 5x Eyes Countries.  More about that soon. As we also live with our Christian values, believe in our Country, Flag, Anthem and Justice for All. We don't believe in B.L.M for us it means Burn, Loot and Murder. Look at the last 4x years of Democreep lead  Riots. Patriot Agent, we believe in non cheating, sharing of ideas, ie belief in the lecturing of Western Civilisation and the Scientific Method/s.  ie THE GREAT ANCRONYM OF S.P.A. Socrates, Pilato and Aristotle, never forget these great minds of yesteryear, in that order. Without the sharing of ideas, which in turn pushing Humanity forward, Technology etc progress, not a New World Order and Satan's spawn running it. Communism should now be a THING of the Past, like Nazism, never forgotten, never praised. Sharing of Ideas will eventually see to that. 

No Consequences THINK MIRROR Know Consequences.  No more following the Blood Money Junkies and their FAKE RELIGION OF MONEY.  We are the AWAKENING GIANTS.  Yes we are everwhere. Patriot Agents, we are waiting, we are watching, we are listening. We will call you out. Trigger Masterr Patriot Agent #1. Heads up - coming soon is our 12x Rules for Patriot Agents. Remember Commies hug trees - we hug Cactus's.     WWG1WWA.

1848 Some interesting Contentions above to check out - dig, dig, dig. To Know is to Understand


POLITICAL CALL - PRESIDENT TRUMP victim of a Treasonous COUP and those responsible should be off to GITMO. P.O.P corn Time. 

Q-uedfor TRUMPS RETURN. March 04 2021. Hold the Line. It ain't over by a long shot. WWG1WWA by Trigger Masterr.

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TRIGGER MASTER, Patriot Agent #1 SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. This website is currently Work In Progress.  This site maybe live or not in   2021.  TBC. You want REAL Conservative News Website in the U.S.A. then look here https//,  and  If Commies say there is no evidence in USA voter Fraud please direct them to the above websites.NOTE: We maybe on our OWN PRIVATE SERVERS once we are AWAKENING GIANTS.



I See that a State Blue Machine Operators are making a new Deflectives Badge. Some say it will be inscribed with its major sponsor over the past 25 years. They suggest the inscribed with  the initials J.I or R.R or I.M or M.I.M. or E.U.M or ---- maybe none of the above, Hmm. By Trigger Mastterr.

Hi I'm this websites webmaster, retired Decorated Para Military and Full Contact Fighter.  This website is a W.I.P for Retro Conservatives, a site for Political Parody. If you have no sense of Political humor then please Click out now. If you want up to date USA Conservative content, please refer to and https thegatewaypundit. We are based in Sydney Australia.  

PM MORRISON, All State Premiers - We know what you did. We the voter's will never forgive. YOUR great Reset is UNFORGIVEABLE

The image is our Retro Conservative Australia Blue Lives Matter Flag/badge which is worn on our Full Contact Karate Uniforms. As you may know, we are retired Para Militaries. check out We will be teaching our womens self defence as part of our Anti Domestic Violence initiative, as well as running Full Contact Karate Classes for PTSD sufferers as part of our VISIONIST approach to Martial Arts. We will also be lecturing in Western Civilization and the Scientific Method. by triggermasterr. Note: If you are in the Blue Machine anywhere in Australia and you don't abide by the CYCLE of A.I.D. you should resign now.  



Trigger Mastterr says,   Ron Perlman an alleged what ???? ------------------------------See more on our UNSNITCHED page. 


12x Rules for Patriot Agents

Standby - Hold the line. wwg1wwa.

Heads up:  TRUMP fake impeachment 2x 

Well what do you know - Not Guilty as Framed your Honor. 

As of 2020 - The World Can See America's Great Reset B.S.

Corrupted Political System -

Corrupted Judicial System - source - inet everywhere.

Corrupted  Financial System - source - hedge funds inett everywhere. 

????????? Military System - is it? lets wait, watch, listen.

No Consequences?  Think Mirror Know Consequences.


Heads up: Labor Heavy Leader Morrisson needs to wake up.

NZ Red Arden - to late for them - Patriot Resets Coming.