Hi I'm MAGA A blue ringed Octopus. please don't touch me, you might die.  Please see my writings on the back page.  Coming soon, our intercepted phone call between Blabba Saint Schomo de Warb and Blabba Josh de Booee also their book Economics 101 For Dummies, How to destroy the Australian Economy on a Whim. .  (a book never completed).

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TRIGGER MASTER SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. This website is currently Work In Progress.  This site maybe live in early  2021.  TBC. You want REAL Conservative News Website in the U.S.A. then look here



Hi I am Benjamin Sources - Benjamin as in, "Its all about the Benjamins $$$," and Sources as in Main Con Media so most people call me B.S. for short.  (Subtle hint).  Of course it is an alias- for now.

The image is our Retro Conservative Australia Blue Lives Matter Flag/badge which is worn on our Full Contact Karate Uniforms. As you may know, we are retired Para Militaries. check out We will be teaching our womens self defence as part of our Anti Domestic Violence initiative, as well as running Full Contact Karate Classes for PTSD sufferers as part of our VISIONIST approach to Martial Arts. We will also be lecturing in Western Civilisation and the Scientific Method. by angelwarrior20th.

Hi RETRO CONSERVATIVES: Coming soon is our CARTOON Section. .As a VISIONIST our 1st Cartoon will be Blabba Schomo de Nifi and Blabba Josh de Nifi on the Bow of the SS Hubris Canberra as it sinks into Lake Burley Griffin, Blabba Schomo can be heard yelling, "Were all in this together Comrades." ( subjectively as the Liberal Party sinks into the Abyss - as a Conservative Party its finished).   by ANGEL WARRIOR 20th.

My God MORRISON el at What have you Done?

Us Retro Conservatives had Faith in the Australian Liberal Party, but then we heard some chinese whispers.

Mr Abbott, an elected Prime Minister was removed by your party, Mr TURNBULL an elected Primes Minister was removed by YOUR party, and replaced by you and unelected offiicial at the time. Your were involved in BOTH REMOVALS.  Then you won the General Election against Mr Shorten, chinese whispers said you were Mal 2.0?  Ok so we thought, give the man a chance. Soon we will be out of the Paris Climate Accord, build more dams and power stations, so we watch, wait and listen - nothing. Hmm, warning bells just about to sound. Ok, Mr Morrision is off to U.S.A. maybe he will come back as half a Trump? We hoped he would bring back 2x Aircraft Carriers and 6x submarines, nope, ok, now he will get ouf of Paris Climate Accord, build dams and power stations, so we watch, wait and listen - nothing. by now we are feeling alittle conned.  Were is the Conservative in all that?  Thats right, C.I.N.O Conservative In Name Only. We thought things couldn't get any worse. Then it did. 

January 2020, I personally had really bad hay fever, for about 5x days in sneezed uncontrolably, wow what was that about.? 

HERES THE RUB: Chinese whispers told us that a Scamdemic was about to hit Australian Shores. We know what a target group is and how to protect the target group, however the Morrision Government didn't, although in March 2020, at a press conference Blabba Saint Schomo did mention the elderley and those with pre conditions however, did nothing to Protect that target group, in fact, they Closed the COUNTRY DOWN, forcing millions into unemployment, they panicked, and the rest is history. September 2020, and all you see is an impotent Federal Government, now we have the worst recession since 1930/s so we ask, who is held to account?  Which Politicians during the Scamdemic showed any empathy for the Australan Voter and took a pay cut?  anyone?  moreover, which opposition politicians jumped up and down about closing down the country? anyone? Yes we are all in this together, as long as you are a Politican and a public servant. Shame on you all. For usRETRO CONSERVATIVES the Australian Liberal Party has just had its guts ripped out (symbolically speaking), and gone against everything is was suppose to stand for. So who the hell do we vote for now?   R.I.P. LP  - T.B.C. by aw20th.

Time for a dummy spit on a Dweeb Politician in Melbourne?  No not really, we will just keep this short.

So how is the Marxist Utopia turning out in the State of Victoria.  Just Kidding.  We have heard that it is a real DANSASTER down there. Also, chinese whispers tell us its in a real state of COMMIEFUSION. My old shonk of a boss you'se to say,  "you can only do the best with what you have got."  so he would always send me through the door first, knowing I had a bullet proof vest under shirt.  So, if Dansaster is the best the've got down south, then I would hate to see the Worst they've got. by Benjamin Sources, B .S. for short

NOTE:BOOK:  Coming Soon, Triage Short Story "Blood, Lies and Myths, a History of Americas DEMOCIDE Party, by Fiction writer Tampered Morph. 


I watched a BROMANCE show on Cable News in Australia, between PM Blabba Saint Schomo and Paul the other one. So much Hubris, ego, Alpha males stuff going on, inbetween the smoke and mirror grenades going off, I had to wonder, even Cable news guys can be Mansion elites.  Did Paul the other one take a pay cut as we know Blabba Saint Schomo didn't. Talk about cable news, whats going on with REDACTED Edition and REDACTED Agenda. Both seem to be pushing for a Joe Hiden upcoming Presidential Victory. Easy to see when they have fakesperts from the U.S. REDACTED CENTER, giving their 5x cents on how bad Pres TRUMP is, ha ha. and bizarrely on the same cable news channel, EVENING ONLY they have pro Trump cable news host including Paul the other one?  So if it was a horse, its a Dollar each way?   

Australia Marxist Media, as it's mostly anti Trump, are 9x months later, using their Fear into Submission tactics.  ie, only saying those who are infected and those who have died, like its the friggin Zombie Virus? (no perspective), In Australia more people have died from SUICIDE than from the Scamdemic. So are these Marxist Media - Parasites, living off the Misery of others?  You Decide. by Benjamin Sources, B.S. for short.

A MESSAGE FROM THE C.M.C Beware of Commieisation of the Nation - CHRISTIAN MILITARY COMMAND, WORLDWIDE say's -  "POWER UP HERE COME'S THE BOOM." UPDATED TO FEEL PAIN, GIVE PAIN. NO MORE ONE WAY STREET. from angel warrior 20th.    "ALL BACK BLUE."   BLUE LIVES MATTER - don't even try it. "There are two kinds of Truths - Truths of Reasoning and Truths of FACT." (Gottfried Leibniz).Are You well read? Your read books - I read YOU.

NEW YORK GROVELNOR COMMIEOU HAVING A me, me, me MOMENT. Say's nobody (me) should be prosecuted (me) for sticking sick Corona virus patients into New York nursing homes (me).  by Benjamin Sources B.S for short, Hmm