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Welcome to CRN - Center Right News. I am the webmaster, ANGEL Warrior 20th.  I'm no saint, I might have been a sinner, now I'm an Angel Warriorand World Crime Reporter. This website is a test website for a larger one expected to BE on air  NOV 2018We post non MSM and non PC news. We paraphrase the news items into a more readable items in line with our Center Right News values.  We cover the GREY AREAS of the news.  We try and stay away from Politics and Religion but sometimes we just can't help ourselves.  Remember Not all news is good news. But we will let you know.

Does North Korea really want to be obliterated by America?.

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Opinion only:   Royal Commission into Insurance Companies and Workers Compensation is needed in Australia.

Para militaries suffering PTSD and other stress related injuries are being treated like they are from a 3rd World Country. There maybe a conspiracy between Governments and those STAKE HOLDERS.  The PM's do not receive any pensions - imagine taking away Politicians pensions?.  So why don't PM's receive a pension after say 10yrs service, and/or 20 yrs etc. At the moment they don't receive anything except the scars on their memories.  Currently this shows POOR leadership across the board. It is a National dIsgrace and needs to change NOW. TBC.

AS Retro Conservatives it seems Mal 2.0 is alive and well. Heres the changes needed to win the 2019 General Election  1. Get out of OPEC. Be oil and gas self reliant. 2. Thorium Reactors in every State. Or atleast back to clean coal power stations. 3. Listen to what the average person/s want?  4. Back to being Center Right. 5. Speed trains between all Cities.6. State Governments to have mandatory coal power stations. 7. All motorways to be owned by States not private enterprise. 8 Stop Being Virtual signalling hypocrites as we are selling our coal to China, its our coal that is polluting the World indirectly. TBC    

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Neo-Marxist postmodernists and 'identity politics'
Professor Jordan Peterson claims communist principles in postmodernism are being spread under the guise of identity politics. He believes postmodernists built on Marxist ideology, arguing that postmodernists "started to play a sleight of hand, and instead of pitting the proletariat, the working class, against the bourgeois, they started to pit the oppressed against the oppressor. That opened up the avenue to identifying any number of groups as oppressed and oppressor and to continue the same narrative under a different name....The people who hold this doctrine—this radical, postmodern, communitarian doctrine that makes racial identity or sexual identity or gender identity or some kind of group identity paramount—they've got control over most low-to-mid level bureaucratic structures, and many governments as well," he said.[35][36].