ACTUNG MASONICS ie Luciferian FREEMASONS sex cults and satanism,  running wild in Australia and the REST of the WORLD.  Surely not,  I mean, wouldn't Q and the Patriots have something to say about that?  Oh, they are, so grab some popcorn, sit back, enjoy the Movie.  Join some I.Q. points, read above your I.Q. and work it out for yourself. Level Three of theFive Layers of Thought, it is all there for you to See, hear, feel, smell, taste. "To know, is to Understand.."  Trigger Masterr.  TEST


            Alice  and Wonderland Psyop's, hmm.

I See that a State Blue Machine Operators are making a new Deflectives Badge. Some say it will be inscribed with its major sponsor over the past 25 years. They suggest the inscribed with  the initials J.I or R.R or I.M or M.I.M. or E.U.M or ---- maybe none of the above, Hmm. By Trigger Mastterr.

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Trigger Masterr says, DARK TO LIGHT Dr Reiner FUELLMICH knows that this Class Action will succeed, all other Countries Class Actions will follow. Yet in Australia and New Zealand in May 21 it is Scamdemic as usual. If you are a Government Official in the above Countries, rest assured, the Class Actions will find you.  Sars Cov 2.  PCR testing corrupted, that and everything else is a FRAUD. FRAUD  VITIATES everything. Patriot Agents, grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the MOVIE.    NCSWIC 

Hi I'm this websites webmaster, retired Decorated Para Military and Full Contact Fighter.  This website is a W.I.P for Retro Conservatives, a site for Political Parody. We use our Rubics Cube Analytical System here. Everything Written is a TEST. If you want upto date USA Conservative content, please refer to and We are  Q Based in Sydney Australia.

Left is our BLUE LIVES MATTER EMBLEM AUSTRALIA.  yes it means alot to us Retired PTSD Para Militaries.- with what is occuring in Australian Communities we find ourselves between a Rock and a Hard place. We have to reFOCUS and remember the problem is the SUITS not the BOOTS.  By Trigger Masterr 

NOTE: Over a certain time we have been pushing a certain narrative, as of 23rd Aug 21 we have seen those results of that narrative (note this website Political cleanout).  Thankyou to you know who. THE REACTION WAS EXPECTED. Fun times ahead. My favourite Movie, Usual Suspects. yes great storyline, nothing worse than being played, hmmm. by Trigger Masterr.

Above image says it all about Australia 2021 Menticide Derangement Syndrome, yes we can see alot of Politicians, Government Stooges going to prison for this Mass TREASON for Their Great Satanic Reset. TRIGGER MASTER, Patriot Agent #1 SAYS,I am this websites webmaster. I always have a view, never an opinion, there is a difference. We are retired full Contact Fighters and Parra Militaries, our Patron Saint is Saint Michael, We are Patriot Agents. Our Systems are Rubics Cubic Analytical Systems RCAS and Standup Evolved Fighting Systems. SEFS. We ARE READY TO MOVE TO  PRIVATE SERVERS once we are AWAKENING GIANTS.

DISCLAIMER:                                       TEST


To the Australian and New Zealand Patriots who served in Afghanistan, we thankyou for your Service. God Bless You All. you will not be forgotten, WWG1WGA. by JohnQdoe.

Please read James Woods below.

Trigger Mastterr says,   Ron Perlman an alleged what ???? Luciferian Test ---- Surely not-----See more on our UNSNITCHED page. 

What the hell  is the Liberty Party of Australia? Maybe a Retro Conservative party or not. TBC.

SAY IT AIN'T SO, Truckies for real or a LARP, see soon enough and some other things happening on the day, you won't know about till then.  WWG1WGA 

Alan Jones of Sky News Australia posted the Save America Statement of President Trump on Pm show 16th August 2021. Low and behold, the last sentence was missing from the Statement - Edited out? Why?, oh yes, AJ has the same owners as per Fox News. So is AJ controlled disinfo, we will let you decide? Any mention of Stolen election on any Auzz MSM? Well Patriots where are you? Real Australian Patriots don't rely on AJ, only on REAL PATRIOTS, by johnQdoe. WWG1WGA  

Menticide Derangement Syndrome - Oppressors in Government inplementation of Great Satanic Reset against the Free will of the Population, using mass media fear into submission techniques, mass psychosis, believing their actions bare no consequences because Satan is their God. Thereby committing Treason and Crimes against Humanity.

Covid Derangement Syndrome - Result of mass MDS against the free will of the People by the Oppresors, Government officials, resulting in the mind rape of the population, making pure obediance to the Oppressors. Unwitting controlled minds.

Prime Sinister Morrison needs to be removed by the Governer General. Government dissolved and New Elections called.  Trial for TREASON. Crimes against Humanity.

All State Premiers to be removed by their Governors and new Elections called. All those responsible for the Covid 19 Scamdemic need to be charged with Treason, Crimes against Humanity. IF this doesnt happen then the Military need to be called in and Morrison Cabal removed and or imprisoned for Treason and Crimes against Humanity. TBC  (its only a matter of time).

Queensland Government has some questions to answer in banning HCQ, threatening Doctors with Jail if they used it. see Video BELOW by aw20th. (QG crimes against humanity?).


THIS IS THE WORLDS FIRSTRETRO CONSERVATIVE Center Right NEWS WEBSITE:  Q.T.1 Look At The Sky. Sydney SOON. FAUCI LIED, MILLIONS DIED, Blabba Schomo MARXZIAN GREAT RESET Government. Forget the Menzian Goverments last being Abbott.  No Conservative Governments, Fed or State in Australia 2021. All are MARXZIAN